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Weirdness.. and suff

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Thinking about my next project.. and I don't quite know what to do.
I have written a tetris clone in Python using pygame for my final project in my python class, and am not exactly sure if I want to continue with making another game in pygame, or if I want to use Cocoa & SDL. I know that may be somewhat confusing, but I am more making these games in languages that are fresh in my mind at the moment, as opposed to languages that are the industry standard, because:
1) I am currently using a Mac(PowerMac G5 1.8) Mac OS 10.3.5, Xcode 1.5
2) This is more for me to practice, rather than others to use.. I don't really see my projects of being worthy of others using them yet.
3) not sure which language I favor at the moment.. haven't written a line of code that isn't python in about 10 weeks.
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