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Hereby challenged!

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Skirmish dropped

I'll be dropping Skirmish now. I don't know if it's on a 'for now' or 'for ever' basis, but that's the status it'll be taking on. It's primarily a matter of time; which my university workload doesn't allow me a lot of. I'd just rather focus on completing games, rather than spending (potentially) years on an online game that is never truly complete. I apologize to everyone, of course, but with that I hope you all understand my motives.

8-Day Challenge (Part One)

Today I was cordially challenged to an 8-day (we didn't like one week) game development challenge, by an old developer friend, splattergnome. Just a friendly gamedev battle between gentlemen, really. [smile] But in light of the above events, I accepted. We discussed and discussed, and decided upon the following ruleset:

  • A 2D game.
  • Must be sufficiently playable in one or short sittings.
  • Must contain some element(s) of randomness in the gameplay, to enhance replayability.
  • All code must be from scratch, sans existing libraries.
  • No language/library restrictions.
  • Game must involve the theme, 'bacteria'.
  • Game must be completed by midnight on Sunday November 4th, GMT.

So far I'm baffled for a way to incorperate this theme, but I'm sure I'll come up with something. I'm pretty much midterm-free this week, so how else better to spend this time? [smile]

I assume splattergnome will also be updating his journal, contained here. Good luck all around!
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Guest Anonymous Poster


Oooh, Splatty's gonna take you down :O

Sad to hear about you dropping Skirmish, but I can understand where you're coming from.

Also, "bateria" makes me think either an inside the body fighting bateria or zombie game. Yea, I said zombie game >:D

Good luck!

DarkCampainger out-

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It's a shame to see a big project get canned, but I know how hard it is to make time for the big projects. [crying]

I am encouraged by the 8-day game dev challenge. I would be interested in participating in future iterations of the aforementioned challenge during a non-exam period of time.

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Oh well, I hope to continue seeing whatever you do, your Journal is always at the top of my list to keep track of.

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I wouldn't worry too much about it. Knowing me, there's likely another overambitious online shooter game around the corner. [grin]

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Too bad you dropped Skirmish, but I guess it's for the best(Maybe I can borrow the code, eh? [grin])

Good luck with the new project [smile].

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