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So, uh, yeah. I don't have much time for games development right now. I'm all emo about it. E-mo. Eeeeeemoooooeeeee. Eeyore.

  • Amazing Game Project I'm actually using UML to design this one. We'll see if I end up with more hacks, less hacks or the same amount of hacks.
    • My graphics assignments have given me ideas on how to improve my lighting/materials system, so I think that'll be really exciting and solve a lot of my shader-application and render-order problems. Throw me ideas on how I would write a materials manager that handles the standard glMaterial features as well as advanced shader capability (stealthed, black and white, duotone, bleach bypass).
    • Run_The_Shadows told me about the song that I liked from the Deja Vu trailer, so he gets his very own star system. Who else can say they have that? The answer is: not you, unless you enter in my "name a star system" contest, which I'll be throwing next month with the obvious prizes.
      • All this stuff about contests has made me want to talk about a certain contest with a week, a button, and a demented set of indie coders. But what kind of contest would that be? What sort of man, what sort of demon robot killer ninja pirate man indeed, would devise such a fiendish contest, and bring it back for its third iteration? That answer is potentially impossible to discern.
  • Propane Injector Working on some other utility functions (bounding box, etc). Nothing really exciting though I also have a MSVS HOWTO on the way.
  • Glow Yes, 1.2 is sitting on my hard disk. Yes, it adds save/load, balances the gameplay, makes the conversations smoother and makes the UI much prettier. But I just don't have time to release it right now. I'm really sorry, because I think that this represents the game much better than v1.1. Working on all these release versions has given me an idea to build some sort of release manager software...
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