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Lazyness... terminally?

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Its pretty much a well known fact among those which know me that I'm so lazy I cant even be bothered being lazy. Its got to the point where people fall of chairs shocked when I do some coding, myself included. OK, this hasnt prevented me from getting a rep as a god like coder (though I'm sure some people on here could put me to shame) its something which has started to bother me slightly.

Go back about 8 years, to when I was 16 and all I had was an Atari STe. Back then I'd think nuffin of spending 12 hours a day during the holidays knocking out code and fiddling with things. Heck, I still view my greatest achievement to date as intergrating a 50Khz MOD reply routine into STOS as an extension via alot of assembly hacking, infact nuffin so far in my life has topped the feeling I got the day I first got it to work, I'm sure you could hear the shout of 'yes!!!' across the street, hehe.

Ever since then, its felt like everything has been going down hill, which is really hurting my 'get up and go'. I still enjoy it when I get into a coding vibe but thats happening less and less.

What I'd REALLY like to do is a game of some sort (ofcourse with my own engine [grin]) yet, while I have ideas in my head I cant seem to get them all to line up and make sense... maybe I should start writing them down.

So, meh really, I know I've got stuff I want todo but I just cant get myself going, heck I've got books on C++ I want to read, yet it seems as soon as I open the book I start yawning, never a good sign...

Hmmmm maybe I need a change of scene, go and sit in a cave in Wales or something for a while, see if that helps....

that is all.
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