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*waves arms around*

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OK, so we are going to pretend the last journal entry doesn't infact exist and there is no problem with the FBO code on NV hardware with any filtering levels....

It infact seems to be down to requesting a GL_DEPTH_COMPONENT16 texture for a render buffer, seems it failed in some way and thus the framebuffer wasn't complete... opps... the reason it was there was to try and get around the ATI driver bug, I've since revereted it to GL_DEPTH_COMPONENT and *angelic noise* it all works [smile]

So, with the code debugged a quick note was inserted about generating mipmaps before rendering to the FBO, some thanks added to Rick and off it was sent for editoring [smile]

Next up; FBO and MRT (with GLSL)
I've decided to start this one off showing how to attach multiple textures to an FBO and selecting which one to render to before moving on to MRT related 'stuffs' [smile]

After that, shadow mapping with FBO and GLSL [grin]

Right, I need to produce a time plan for my assignment before I goto bed and given I need to be up at 7:30am tomorrow (joy [sad]) I should probably get the lead out...
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