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This might be "welcome to X units of time ago" material, but I just discovered Paint.NET. :D This is a fantastic, very usable, free little paint program with heaps of features. It's great for tweaking and converting files for webdev and even gamdev with the help of this DDS plugin. Another indispensable plugin is this PSD reader.

My only complaint is that it doesn't have an MDI based interface, but thats on the roadmap for version 3.0 on track to be released next year -_^.

Oh yeah, my dad has been in PR mode all day doing interviews on climate change.....the momentum for policy change seems to be building, and scientists are less gagged than usual (by the government). He also did a panel discussion thing with Dr. Karl yesturday on climate change...fun stuff :P.
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Despite the fact that Canada has right-wing fuckpigs in office as well (Hello, religious-right censorcrats! Bite me!), we're starting to make some headway again on global warming. We're almost about to recover to where we were before the right wing fuckpigs took office and handed over the reins to megacorporations to write environmental legislation.

Personally, I can't wait until we have another scandal and kick these morons out of power.

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