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My wife did a budget last night. Sobering stuff. It turns out that if I catch the T (the subway) instead of driving into work, we'll save about $250 a month. And at the moment every penny counts. I don't mind catching the T, although I'll miss listening to NPR while stuck in traffic, but what I do mind is the amount of time I'll lose each day. I have to catch a bus and two trains to get to an from work. It eats up a lot of time, even when there's little waiting time at the stations (which is seldom the case).

The thing about this that really bugs me is that it's going to be harder to queeze in time to work on my game. Things are going really well at the moment, and I don't want to lose the momentum I've got going.


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If money is currently an issue then this might not be an option, but laptops are great on the bus or train. I've done it myself in the past. Only really becomes a problem if you're stuck on a totally packed bus.

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Heh, that's not a bad idea. I actually have a power-book that I could use. My only reservation there is that I haven't really done much development on OSX before and I'm not sure how easy it would be to co-ordinate work between it and my PC at home. But, yeah, buying a PC laptop would be a hard sell with my wife at the moment ;-)

[edit] OMG, you're a genius! This could work out particularly well for me. I've been struggling with the GUI stuff. It's fun in a way, but I can see it soon becoming a monster. I've played around with FLTK before, and that would probably be my next port-of-call, but I've also been wondering about looking into .Net development. I have no real experience with GUIs and I figured that that is something I should change. But I was having a surprising amount of trouble finding a good introduction to it. Anyway, about 18 months ago I was working on OSX and started learning the basics of Objective C and working with Cocoa. I have a book on it that I can work through, so maybe working on the Mac would be a good thing!

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