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Engine Explosion

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Mike Bossy


So I've been working on creating unit tests for a bunch of my engine. In doing so I realized that some of it was easier to test than the rest. The places that are easy to test utilize objects that are based on an abstract base class making it easy for me to create mock objects for testing purposes. This naturally got me thinking about if I should abstract out all of my objects to make testing easier.

If I didn't already like the structure of the engine I for sure would have said no instantly but I'm used to the object model and I actually like it. Most of my development pains have to do with becoming more data driven than with the object model itself. I also have plans to extend to other platforms like Mac so investing in the organization of the engine will pay off in the long run.

Once I decided to do some cleanup around base classes I decided to go all out and take it to the complete level of platform abstraction as well. This means abstracting everything from Matricies to Mutexes. Obviously this has created a bunch of churn which I'm still in the middle of but I like the new feel of things already.

My new set of base classes have a tonne of functionality which is now totally platform independant and easy to test. That means a potentially rock solid core to build new features on and support new platform with. As a small indie shop that really is a huge selling feature. I can't compete on crazy feature sets for games, but I can compete on quality and speed of development. Having a solid engine that I know and can tweak if needed helps to give me that edge.
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