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It's Crunch Time

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As a reminder for myself:
-study for physics SAT (one month to learn everything I don't know - and I only learned mechanics in my physics C AP class)

-college essays
-college apps
-college interviews
-college recos
-college brag sheet

-do homework
-study for AD (fuck china...)

-write a novel in a month (nanowrimo)

-social life?

Yea yea, it's easy compared to having a job or walking 15 miles through the snow uphill both ways just to get to school back in your day.

Just gotta get this off my chest that right now I'm pretty god damn stressed out.

I wrote a tic tac toe game yesterday so I don't get rusty with C++. Hopefully after november I can come back and start work on the new version of console combat.
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Agreed. School (whether it be college or uni) has a wonderful way of sucking up all free time and effort with little difficulty. Arg. The stress stinks, but try to keep something to focus on when the times get tough -- like your game project! -- and you'll manage. Sometimes the idea of coming home to code is all that keeps me going!

And good luck with your gamedev, but of course. [smile]

EDIT: Oh, and I'm more than a little late, but welcome to GD.NET+ land! :P

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