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Making good progress

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I now have the first steps of the texteffect class working... and it is even more flexible than I realised... I now have the text rotate around 3 times scaling the height so the text is flattened into a line. The text stops rotating and then grows to full height. This basically gives te text a futuristic feel, a line spins around and then grows into the desired text.

I haven't got individual characters to work yet, but I have written an inherrited texteffect class that should work correctly to give a random direction individual character flyin. I set keyframes so that each character is placed between 2 and 3 screenspace units in a random direction from word screen position. The characters then interpolate back to their original position so each character flys in from a random direction and each character arrives at a different speed.

With a little further work, I might even consider stacking effects, so I could combine a rotation effect with the fly-in effect.

Ideally I'd like to be able to incorporate special shader based effects and particle effects to create a really good text effect system, but I think realistically it's overkill for my simple portfolio project.

Anyhoo, tonights work will be to try to finish the texteffect class and also start (and hopefully finish) the final scoring system.


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Write the effects so that they can be applied to arbitrary polygons and not only will you get more use from them, but the code will probably be better too.

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Well, technically, in all but name, the class could apply the effects to any given polygon, You simply use the class by setting keyframes and calling the GetMatrix function whenever you want a matrix to apply a transformation.

For multiple characters in a string there is an overloaded GetMatrix function which takes an index value. If the index value is larger than the number of matrices maintained, a new matrix is created and it has its' own set of keyframes initiated.

So essentially, nothing would change if you were to use the class on an arbitary polygon. Perhaps I should renamed the class cKeyframedTransformationMatrix or something!



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