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So, I've started on the 2nd of the FBO related articles, and so far tonight I've written nearly 4 pages in the last hour and a half or so... however while the information is good I'm not happy with the style of writing for this one. This is a tad bothersome, so I think once done and all the information has been got down I'll have to go back and reflow things a bit until I'm happy with it... right now, it kinda 'clunks'.

The other thing of note to happen today is that Dawn of War : Dark Crusade and Neverwinter Nights 2 are both on route to my house... huzzah!

This ofcourse puts numerous things in danger, productivity wise, however I'm hoping that I can drag myself way from them to do things which need to be done...worse comes to the worse I'll have to give my parents the relivent DVDs so that I physically can't play them... I hope it doesn't come to that however [grin]

Right, I'm going to see about finishing the first parse of this article off before getting some food and stuffs...
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