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Continued progression!

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9-Day GameDev Compo

Er, that's right. I previously said it was an 8-day competition, but it's actually nine. I expect to take no flak for this error, because none of you caught me on it, either. [smile]

Anyways, the progress is still moving along, swift and mercilessly. Just like my Orc's fighting style in Oblivion.

Today saw the addition of the weapon system, and three of the five weapons that will be (ideally) featured in the game, if time permits:

  • Blaster - The infinite-ammo standard weapon. Low damage to cell walls.
  • Machineguns - A fast-firing dual set of weapons, with very minimal damage to cell walls.
  • Missiles - A slow-reloading projectile that does very high damage to enemy bacteria, but also does a lot of damage to cell walls, lest you miss your target.
  • Laser - A very high-precision heat-based weapon that is extremely effective, but is prone to running out of ammo quickly.
  • Flamethrower - Lights enemy bacteria on fire for longterm damage. Effective, but flames stick to the cell walls and do considerable damage if used haphazardously.
  • ??? - Something else. I'm wide open to suggestions on the final weapon. These aren't intended to be progressively stronger, so no Doom Cannons. :)

I also tossed in the sound effects for the 3 guns I added, as well as an explosion sound (stolen from Gundown). It's much more fun to test, now!

Here's some shots of the weapons I implemented, but silent still-frames don't do them justice. The particle effects look very nifty in game:

(The Blaster, mostly 'borrowed' from Quake 2)

(The Machineguns; standard to any microscopic ship!)

(The Missile(s?); which will maybe feature a screen-shake effect if I have time [grin])

Three weapons doesn't sound like a lot, but I'm very pleased with the progress I made today. My code style is pretty unattractive, but with all that I've learned in my CS-135 course this term at Uni, I feel my code being more functional and cleaner than it was before, even though I'm using a C-like approach. Yay for Uni. :)

On a side note: university is fantastic (sans the pricetag). The workload is a real tedium, but the wealth of knowledge floating around here is fantastic. I feel so much more knowledge-satiated (read: intelligent) than I did just a mere half-a-term ago. Thanks to my Philosophy/Critical Thinking class I find that I'm analyzing things in my everyday life more logically, and thanks to my Psychology class, I'm better understanding my own thoughts, motivation, and reasoning. Not to mention the immense usefulness of learning Scheme/functional programming/recursion/code organization from my CS class. It's a truly amazing feeling to be able to apply all of these different subjects to real life situations, such as game development. Not to even go into the awesomeness of being a VP in the uni's gamedev club! Phew.

And I hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween. And hopefully more candy than I got. (I got one mini Aero bar! [sad])
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Here's an idea I had for a weapons in a similar game idea I had:

A radiation gun that when it hits something causes a random effect to take place (ie. mutation). For example, if you hit a bacterial cell with the gun, it might just die, or it may start growing uncontrollably, or begin multiplying at random, or even grow new "weapons". By making this weapon kill the enemy around 75% of the time, you could give justification for the player to use it, but the added possibility of a harmful side effect would be an interesting tradeoff.

There's my 2 cents, and I'm really liking the new project, I've always wanted to do an "Incredible Journey" type game, but I never got around to it. Good Luck!

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Hmmm nice idea.

What about a "DNA Injection" dart? You fire it at a bacterium and it turns the bacterium into a white blood cell, which then starts attacking other bacterium. Maybe you'd only get a limited supply. Or maybe you can only use it on friendly cells so there's a trade-off of destroying some of the cells?

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