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Delay!! Oh teh Nos!!11!!

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Tuesday, Oct 31

Auurrgh! I had to delay the release of Torch! because for some reason Vegas seems to be missing some of the footage I'm using and so in the latest render there are three black spots in the video lasting 1-2 seconds! When I look in Vegas they show up in the time line as red areas of footage. Very weird and very frustrating seeing as I was so on-track for release. I hope I just need to re-import the video files and that they are not actually corrupted because then I'd have to re-rip them from DVD. *sigh*

Still, it wasn't a total loss. The highest-quality render I had was in perfect shape, and so I was able to take my laptop over to Greg's house where he had a Sony external DVD burner so I was able to author a DVD that we then took to the halloween party being thrown by a bunch of Six Flags entertainment people and showed it off to everyone. I got nothing but compliments all around and most people telling me that if they ever need some editing work done they'll get in touch with me. Not bad for my first full production. Once I get the video up online I'll post a full postmortem.

Doing this video production work and even game devving with the Torque engine is going to require more muscle than my laptop can muster however, which is why I'll soon be purchasing my new desktop computer. Yup, merry Christmas to me, hahaha. I'll reveal the specs when I purchase it sometime in the next week or two.

Okay that's it for now, still have a shitload of work to get to - I mean I just archived my emails from last week, which was something I was supposed to do on Saturday, for cripes sake. So I'm still a bit behind but hopefull by next week things will have calmed down a bit.

But probably not [wink]
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