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Whee, the debugger can currently:

  • Connect to the VM and request a script

  • Disassemble a function from bytecode to DruinkASM

  • Nicely format the disassembled script in a RichEdit (Well, use a fixed point font and set custom tabstops)

EDIT: Screenie (Pointless, however):

Next up I need to get the debugger to point at the current instruction and handle stuff like step over, step into, step out of, run, set/remove breakpoint, etc.
Should be pretty simple anyway.

Then I want to get syntax highlighting done, and I might turn the debugger into a proper IDE like MSVC if I can be bothered. I was looking at benryves's journal and his Latenite IDE thingy; that's the sort of thing I'm thinking of. Although I haven't really read through his journal (I'll do that nowish), I'm guesing it's done in .NET. I'm going to regret trying to make this in plain C++ / Win32, aren't I? I think it's about time I learnt C#/.NET...
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Yes, it's C#+WinForms. The text editor bit is a custom control, rather than my previous solution which was ugly Win32 hacks on top of the RichTextBox.

The learning curve for C#/.NET is worryingly shallow. Good luck!

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