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I recently noticed that I am somewhat a backup storage device for Gamedev. In the past two months if there has been a demo in someone journal, I got it. If theres been a movie, I got it. On top of that, I actuially have neatly arranged them into approprate folders for each person who lives here in journal land. So ive come to two different points:

Please, I beg of you, start using FRAPS. Download FRAPS here! We are now living in the "High Speed World". Downloading a 50meg video takes me no longer then five minuts, if that. If you dont want to release a demo, make a video. I cannot speak for the rest of the community but every time I see a new entry in a journal, I skim through for a link first before I read. Its easy, painless, and please just do it!

You Tube
I have recently been using alot of You Tube, ALOT! No matter how much I search for some indie games on there, I cant find any. I have been debating if I should use my account on there to host some Gamedev.net indie games. Maby some RageHard, a little Angels22, MalkyAI anyone?

Development Side
So with help from the Raymonster I have so graciously gotten myself a home computer, tawoot! Fortunatly for myself its a beast for its age (it was used as the development machine behind Morning's Wrath) and with the addition of the 120gig drive I added in, I love it! Unfortunatly I am looking for my own place now so I have been living in my roomates parents house. Not much room there as it is, since theres nine people living there themselves. This perdiciment forces me to "Have a three foot experience with a one foot setup". I have myself a 17in monitor but are forced to sit like 3-4 feet away on a couch to use it. My lab serves as my keyboard tray and the pillows I stack next to me are used as my mouse pad. It's not my dream setup, but hell it works!

Its been making me think though. If you worked at Burger King all day would you want to go home and cook some whoppers? I develop software 40 hours a week. It makes me wonder if im going to have the drive, or the same experience I used to when I go home to work on a game. I will see how that one goes. Not only that but juggling work, a social life, gf, and falling in love with my Xbox360 I now face what most people on the dev run into, lack of time or motivation.

Most, if not all, of the game ideas I have come up with I have no desire to work on. I have been fantasizing of the games I have always wanted to make:

- MMORPG: I have followed indie MMOs for years, YEARS. DragonSpires, Dransik, and Whispers of Akarra mostly, I was also around Mirage Online before it was sold and striped into Player Worlds. I like the idea of a community, a living breating, striving economy. The problems I forsee with that are:

1. Lack of knowledge: I do not know how to do network programming. I would like to use a network library as to not need to program all of the network code, but I have not seen one that can be used with c#, and I dont want to move back onto SDL with C++. I think I can move foward and XNA is the boat I want to sail out on.

2. Lack of Art/Resources: It takes alot of art to get a MMO set, it also usually needs updates, which add more to the community.

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