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I'm working on collision between objects right now and will hopefully have weapons working(well the animation/sound part) by the next update.

Also I'm thinking of taking out the old style HUD and replacing it with the minimized ZDoom style HUD:

(this is a GZDoom screenshot, not Doom.Net)

of course I'd make it possible to turn off certain elements like that K/I/S thing. Knowing how many monsters/secrets are left really kills any bit of realism there was(which wasn't that much).

So do people want the old style HUD or the ZDoom style?

Anyway I didn't get to post this yesterday, but here's my "Lost Soul" pumpkin:

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I dunno, the old-style HUD is really nostalgic, plus what's Doom without seeing yourself checking your peripheral vision every so often?

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Regarding the HUD: Since I mainly play the original DooM and the Legacy engine -- which both use the original HUD -- I'm obviously inclined in that direction moreso. However, allowing either as a configurable option would be even cooler!

Regarding the pumpkin: Awesome; I love it! Next year you can put those skills to even further use, and see if you can make a Cyberdemon. [grin]

Regarding the post: I'm very happy that you're still solidly on this project, and haven't succumbed again to polyproject syndrome (PPS). Keep up the great stuff; I can't wait to see the finished product! [smile]

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I'm another vote for the original HUD, but I also second the idea of having the option of either if you think you're up to the task.

Cool pumpkin!

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Original HUD. At least include a face - it wasn't just there for decoration in the original DOOM, as it "looked" towards the direction of attacks, something that the minimalist HUDs seem to neglect.

I'd rather do it like Duke Nukem, though - as you resize the screen the HUD is in "classic" mode until that's all you can see (no border on the main view area), at which point if you try and make it any larger it switches to the minimalist HUD (and if you make it larger than that, the HUD vanishes completely).

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Thanks guys, although I was hoping it would go the other way. I guess I'll have to implement the option of both.

As for the face, I never really used that. Plus 3D sound makes the face useless.

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Original post by Scet
Plus 3D sound makes the face uselessless useful.

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