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GPUPhysics: Some problems solved - but not all...

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The last few days I've been trying to solve some major problems with my old design. One of these is the fact that you were limited to 4 simultaneous collisions per object and the collision detection shader was always run 4 times the number of objects. Now I have a new solution in which an object can have an arbitrary number of simultaneous collisions and no irrelevant pixels will be processed. My current best solution still has broad-phase collision detection on the CPU, which requires a read-back of the position texture (128x128 32-bit FP). However, the alternative would be either to test every object against every other one, which is a REAL performance killer!!! I tried to find a way to do broad-phase CD on the GPU, but always ended up with expensive or impossible-to-implement-on-GPU algorithms [totally]. I've not given up on this yet, but will put it on ice until everything else is done so I don't get stuck...

This evening, I also created a simple scripting system so that I can define all textures and passes in a text file and not have to hardcode them in the program. This will really simplify testing of different configurations and it will not be such a pain in the *ss to test a configuration anymore...

Now it's 2 a clock in the morning and I think I have to go to sleep so I don't kill myself working [smile].

Good night!
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