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On Your Marks

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Stephen R


I've just realised that I only have four days left untill school resumes. I think we can all agree that that sucks. I have taken mostly sciences this year so it should be interesting but its not a scratch on programming. I should still have several hours of programming each day though so Kernel Chaos should stay on track.

I'm actually quite surprised by how usefull keeping a journal is. I'm finding it easier to keep track of my thoughts and projects and am more productive in general. That might just be an illusion because I'm now looking back on what I've done every day.

Because of I only have four days left, I have decided to try and get alot of the early project grunt work out of the way of Kernel Chaos. I just finished a peliminary design doc and uploaded it. It is really sparse and not a scratch on what it'll be before the end but I think it should be enough to get started working on. Since I'll be in school I'll probably use that time to write more onto the design doc and code while I'm at home. I might even use english class as the sounding board for the story line - whwnever we get an essay I'll just take a segment of the story and work it into theproject somehow and see how it's recieved.

I actually don't know what I'd have done without the Enginuity articles. Superpig, if you read this, you are a god. They have given me a fair idea of how I'm going to program the engine and highlighted several key problems in my design. If anyone is thinking of making a game of any scale, read those articles and download the source - they rock.

Also alot of people have been talking about PhysicsFS. I looked into it and I've decided to use it aswell. I intend to use text files for most of the levels / models, so I'll be able to compress them small and use PhysicsFS to load them without much changing to my code much if at all.

Anyway I'm going to get down to work now.
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