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After much hair pulling (of course, over a trivial problem that I overlooked for a couple hours [headshake]) I finally got the terrain for TLCoM rendering in the editor. The only basic thing left to do is adding device resizing (so that when the window resizes I change the size of the device.) Or maybe I should just create the largest possible device for the users device. That'd probably be a lot easier lol.

Anyway, here's a screenshot:

I got the bigger device system working for now. I also got the camera moving using the mouse-near-edge system, but I'm going to switch to the grab and drag system since it's not a fullscreen app. Here's a new screenshot featuring Bongo Beach at 12x12 with a density of 3 and a height scale of 2.

I'm going to switch over to MalykAI now, since I promised somebody a demo tomorrow/later today.

Dur, maybe I could just create a device the size of the current display mode. No, that'd NEVER work [rolleyes].
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