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I am so tired; This weekend can't come quickly enough. Unfortunately, as I expected, taking the T to work has taken a big bite out of my day and the development of "where's my bone" is suffering for it. I'm proud though that it hasn't halted development entirely (the temptation to vegetate in front of the TV was great).

So, last weekend I started putting together a GUI for a map builder. That was a fun diversion, but then I saw EasilyConfused's journal and got editor-envy. So I thought it was about time I figured out how to make decent apps in windows. Ok, when I say decent, I mean that there's a window and maybe a few buttons and they actually do something (low expectations help sustain for a starving ego). But I got pretty lost. I've seen a lot of TLAs bandied about in the various forums on GDnet in this regard so I start trying to find more info on them. Mostly, I discovered that there are some truly awful website designs out there, but hidden in the quagmire of popup ads, banners, and garish colors, there were a few useful leads. Not enough to give me much confidence though.

I turned instead to the Beginners Forum to see what wisdom would I could squeeze out of our learned community. First, thanks a lot to those people who replied and tried to help me, I really appreciate it. I decided to go with WindowsForms and C#. I don't know C#, but I do know C++ and a little Java, so the transition didn't look too heinous. I download Visual Studio Express for C# and started playing around. Now it was late last night by the time I got to this point, so forgive me for not putting up a screeny. I'll try to have something hammered out by tomorrow. In any case, using VS and WindowsForms was pretty easy and intuitive, so that was nice starting out. I haven't really got much functionality into my map builder but I can get it to open files and exit - yay! I guess my only concern is that it'd be nice to have a reference book of some kind to say "hey, this is the way to do it" because I'm sure that I'm going to hack things together in a fashion that'd make a seasoned C# programmer blanch and go weak at the knees.

Any suggestions?
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