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Yippy skippy

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Another month has gone by and gotten nothing done due to crap that everyone I know needs help with and overtime at work. What a killer of coding time. I bought the Superbible 3rd edition just to have something new to look at when I am at work. I came across the shadowmapping chapter #18, and the example they have in the code I can't figure out what is going on. I understand that they are trying to maximize the texture resolution with the screen size with the sqrt() but I can't get it to work in my code. Anyone here willing to take a gander at it? I would appreciate it.

GLfloat lightToSceneDistance, nearPlane, fieldOfView;
GLfloat lightModelview[16], lightProjection[16];

// Save the depth precision for where it's useful
lightToSceneDistance = sqrt(lightPos[0] * lightPos[0] +
lightPos[1] * lightPos[1] +
lightPos[2] * lightPos[2]);
nearPlane = lightToSceneDistance - 150.0f;
if (nearPlane < 50.0f)
nearPlane = 50.0f;
// Keep the scene filling the depth texture
fieldOfView = 17000.0f / lightToSceneDistance;

Next week the new G80 cards are out!!!! Preliminary results are out at http://www.dailytech.com/article.aspx?newsid=4812

The cards look sweet. Hope they aren't to out of control on their pricing.

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Wikipedia suggests:

"The launch price of the 8800GTX will be USD649 while the 8800GTS will initially cost USD449-499."

And The Inquirer suggests some places might be selling it for closer to $800.

Ouch, for that price i'd rather have a Playstation 3 - or even better a 360 and a Wii.

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Nah I would rather have a nice PC setup consoles don't interest me at all. But I was wondering if anyone here would like to buy my 7800GT BFG 256 PCI-e videocard for $125?

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