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Thunderbird a no-go? Maybe not...

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In my last entry I mentioned how I was going to look into switching from Outlook over to Thunderbird. Well I looked and at first I thought that I would have to stick with Outlook because there was no built-in calendar program or task list. However today I did some digging, starting first with seeing if there were any calendar extensions. The search brought up a Google Calendar extension but that was just a tooltip/status bar thingy, not really an integrated calendar. However I caught sight of something called the Mozilla Calendar project. After searching around a bit more I finally found Lightning. There's hope once again on the horizon. After installing Lightning and realizing it comes with a task list, I think all my objections to using Thunderbird have been settled. Now I suppose it's just taking some time to get used to the new app, migrating all my Outlook data over, and settling in. I'm slowly kissing MS Office goodbye in favor of OpenOffice.org - ditching Outlook is my final step. Makes me feel free! Haha. Any of you guys use Thunderbird? Mind offering up some tips to get me started?
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I was using Portable Thunderbird on my 2GB USB key for the longest time, until I got a Laptop. I then switched back to Microsoft Outlook so that when I get an external device (MP3 Player, Pocket PC, etc), it'll sync up with it.

I really hate Outlook though, the IMAP features are hackish, it's slow, and the account manager isn't as nice as Thunderbirds. I'll be using Thunderbird again eventually, but until then, I'm stuck with this.

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