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Biggest single error message ever?

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../src/res/load.cpp:37: error: request for member 'push_back' in '((page::res::<
d_map const std::string&), std::allocatorst std::string&)> >, std::tr1::hash, std::equal_tostd::type_info*>, std::allocatortorconst void* (*)(const page::res::Pipe&, const std::string&)> > > >, false>::nymous>.std::tr1::hashtable RehashPolicy, cache_hash_code, constant_iterators, unique_keys>::insert [with K
ey = const std::type_info*, Value = std::pairvectoror > >, Allocator =
std::allocator*)(const page::res::Pipe&, const std::string&), std::allocatoronst page::res::Pipe&, const std::string&)> > > >, ExtractKey = Internal::extrac
t1stge::res::Pipe&, const std::string&), std::allocatorres::Pipe&, const std::string&)> > > >, Equal = std::equal_tofo*>, H1 = std::tr1::hash, H2 = Internal::mod_range_hashi
ng, H = Internal::default_ranged_hash, RehashPolicy = Internal::prime_rehash_pol
icy, bool cache_hash_code = false, bool constant_iterators = false, bool unique_
keys = true](((const std::pairid* (*)(const page::res::Pipe&, const std::string&), std::allocator(*)(const page::res::Pipe&, const std::string&)> > >&)((const std::paird::type_info* const, std::vectortd::string&), std::allocatorstring&)> > >*)(& std::pair (*)(const page::res::Pipe&, const std::string&), std::allocator(const page::res::Pipe&, const std::string&)> > >(((const std::type_info* const&
)((const std::type_info* const*)(&((const std::type_info*)type)))), ((const std:
:vectortor >&)((const std:
:vectortor >*)(& std::vect
oronst void* (*)(const page::res::Pipe&, const std::string&)> >(((const std::alloc
ator&)((const std::
allocator*)(& std::
)))).std::pairt, std::vector:allocator > >, fal
se, false>, bool>::second', which is of non-class type 'bool'
Can you do better?
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