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Glow v1.2, and game.

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Another hierarchical post. Will they ever end?

  • Glow -- Version 1.2 is posted on my site, and after HopeDagger gives the OK, it'll be posted to the Showcase as well for Mac OS X and Windows. New features: Save/load, animated conversations, UI tweaks, monster tweaks.
  • Amazing New Game -- Screenshots: Un, deux. Yeah, not much right now. Just working on getting the bounding box working to look at who you're targeting. Wish I had more time.
  • Classwork -- At least some of it is actually related to game development, and is teaching me a hell of a lot about graphics. I'm kind of psyched for making this game actually proper for once, and very expandable. I might even get a dreaded engine out of it. Freaky.
  • Second Life -- Yeah, I've started making crap in Second Life to see if I can make some money off of the non-programming saps. So far I've made a crappy pet script which doesn't seem to work properly, and actually will get me banned if I give it to anyone to use (due to a violation of the 'bumping' griefing rules [rolleyes]). Back to the drawing board!
    • I really like SL because, as you're testing your software, you can crash your simulated tank through a fence, over a pool and into the side of someone's house, where they will run outside, wave their hands in the air like they're typing and then scream at you in all caps to get the fuck off their lawn. SHilbert asserts this behaviour is "surreal".
    • It leads me to believe a Ravuya MUSH would be awesome.
  • Propane Injector -- I'm working on a Lua binding class and adding a bunch of stuff to the shader class, like arbitrary-resolution render-to-texture (using FBO). You can see the effects of the latter in the two screenshots up above.

I think the work is starting to settle back down again. Expect to see wonderful and fantastic products from the Ravuyajournal soon; hopefully by the end of the weekend.
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I'll get on testing Glow 1.2 first thing tomorrow. I'm absolutely bushwhacked tonight, and doubt I'd even be able to beat level one. [smile]

Thanks for deciding to bring 1.2 public, Rav!

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Alright. Gave it a go-through:

  • Smooth conversations look better, and seem to work just fine.
  • Saving could really use a more obvious indicator than the tiny option at the bottom-righthand of the screen; and an indicator that you HAVE saved ;)
  • Loading doesn't seem to work always. It did the first time I tried, but the second time I appeared outside of the level's walls. It also didn't save what weapon I last had equipped, and always displays the "we've got friggin snakes" message from the first level irregardless of your current level.
  • All else seems fine. Just needs some fixin', and looks like it'll be good to go! [smile]

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