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Happenings and Jobs

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I just finished my last computer science assignment. Ever. :O Once the exams are over, I just have to finish some maths to complete my degree -_-.

In other news, I have got a gamedev job interview lined up for next Friday :D. I went in yesterday to do a pre-interview C++ test that went pretty smoothly (I had a couple of *doh* moments thinking about the test while sitting on the bus on the way back home :P). They also got me to do a small graphics theory test (e.g. "Wats a normal map~!?") since I expressed interest in graphics stuff. They seemed pleased that I knew D3D as well as OGL since he made the comment that "for some reason everyone who comes in only knows OpenGL" :P.

Anyway, the formal interview will be with a bunch of the guys from the team and I'll have to do "some logic problems" with them to see my thought process. I'm a little nervous with that one :P.

I have several exams this week as well. I'm gonna be busy -___-.
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