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New Computaaarrrrr!!!

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So I finally finished piecing together the rig I'm building. I'll list all the parts here for you tech heads out there

My subtotal is $1,987.40. Plus there are some mail in rebates that'll get me back $140 of that. I've already bought a refurbished Samsung Syncmaster 172x to match the one I currently have off Amazon for $190 (not bad considering I paid almost $600 for my first one).

Monday I'm going to the bank to see if it'll be worthwhile to get another personal loan, maybe help out my credit a bit, or if I should just buy it all at once, cause I can afford to do that too. Keep ya all posted.
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Bah, didn't wait for DX10 / Vista? :P

Some vendors are giving out coupons where you get X amount of money off of Vista when it's released if you buy XP now since it's pretty much getting replaced in a matter of months.

Anyways sweet, rig! Tell us how the performance is with the Core Duo!

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Nah I'm not much of an early adopter. I'll prob hop onto Vista and DX 10 after a few months to a year once things settle down in terms of technical and compatibility issues.

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