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GD Showcase sucks.

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I can't belive just how much the GD Showcase sucks - it seems pretty much impossible to get my games on it. The way it works is so totally short sighted that I can't believe any thought went into it's implementation at all.

What makes it worse is that it the original request to improve it happened almost a year ago (11 months, to be exact), and not even a hint of anything being done other than a vague suggestion that it might possibly be done sometime in the future. Possibly. Maybe.

Its a classic example of "mother knows best", where the system has it's own way of doing things, and you're not allowed to step outside those boundaries, because it thinks it knows better than you. It's right up there with stupid web forms which ask your address and then assume that everyone in the world has an address formated like a US one.

All I want is to be able to skip the zip file upload and provide my own download link!

Is that really so hard? Well apparently so. Maybe I should just stop making games available to everyone at gamedev, stop writing entries in this journal, and stop posting pictures. Because obviously gamedev doesn't want you to play my games.
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GD Showcase is kind of behind in the improvements list for now, unfortunately. It's definitely one of my big goals eventually when we get around to it. I admit it's a pain to synchronize releases between websites -- I've got the newest version of my game on my website but haven't put it up on GDS out of fear of 500 errors.

In the meantime, I'll ring somebody's bell to see if we can get *.jar/*.jnlp added to the approval list. You might also want to try zipping up your files before shoving them on the GDS -- I have to do this for my *.dmg disk images. [crying]

Hang in there -- I'm going to move this up my list of priorities because it pisses me off too.

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We're still bottlenecked on the technical side (through no fault of Michalson and Superpig), but we're currently working hard to clean up the pipes so we can start handling these and other issues plaguing GDnet

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