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Extra, Extra, Read All About It

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"Extra ball! Extra ball has been lit." is sadly what popped into my mind right after I wrote that topic for this very journal post. I guess I just played way to much of The Who's Tommy pinball in the past for that tune to still be stuck in my head. But now that I have got myself sidetracked a bit I am going to share some of my miscellaneous musings here before getting back to the point of this post that I had in the first place. Being a programmer myself I am quite used to the typical low quality "programmer art" we commonly do but I still love to draw anyways. So recently with my projects' compile times becoming longer and longer I am finding myself filling this usually wasted time sketching and doing art more and more. Below are just a few samples of what I have done lately while waiting for the usual ding from my speakers telling me that a build is done. I hope you like them but I really should get back on track here since we all know you are only here for my talks on development stuff anyway. Well it is about that time again to start thinking about my next book article submission. For those who have read my works listed in the header above I would like to get some feed back and ideas of what you thought so far. This is going to help me improve the quality of my writting style as well as give me some ideas on what to cover next. All ideas and suggestions are welcome currently even if I already have a good idea of what I want to talk about. Even if you have not read my articles I am sure you can get an idea what they are about so feel free to post your comments. This will be an on going process that may span several journal entries. I want to know your thoughts and please keep them coming.

A picture of some anonymous girl:

A drooling monster from my dreams:
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Guest Anonymous Poster


I love your drawings! You should draw the kitty! You have plenty of pictures to work from. ;-)

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