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MalykAI Update

Screw the GUI system for now; I'm the editor up the way it was before and finishing this game. I'm also setting the entity system up the way it was before because it worked 'ok' and was almost finished. I'm finishing this game and I'm finishing it this damn month.

Quill Update

I got the camera setup to look directly down on the terrain (for when you're adding nodes and networks.) Sadly that's the only thing that I did today (well, only thing productive anyway.)

{insert witty caption here}

{insert incredibly awesome update with lots of screenshots and a demo here}


I decided to look further into IRC client development, so I google'd for a little while and came up with the following links:
Anybody that wants to write an IRC client should check out this page and this page.

The first is a link to a code-guru page with a 'class library for IRC.' I'm not positive about how good the information is (the article was written in 2001), but I figure it'll be a good start.

The second is a link to the IRC RFCs, which is supposedly "all you need" (quoted from a couple different posts that I cam across.)

Development Journal of Raymond Jacobs

Options Menu Ordeals
A productive day
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