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Supreme Commander Beta Part 2

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OK, so I've said the game is awesome... the question was raised as to how it was awesome...

Well, it's pretty much as how all the pre-beta vids showed; TA on a grand scale and damn pretty to boot [grin]

The problem is, it's hard to get across just how cool it is, you kinda have to play it to experiance the whole 'big robots wandering around'... if you've played TA then you'll get it and really I shouldn't need to say much more.

The mass battles are fun, stuff shooting everywhere [grin]

The long range cannons are just... well.. annoying if you don't have one [wink] however you have shield generators which can protect you from them, for a few hits at least. It even defends against conventional fire.

The ferrying stuff is pretty cool, now I know how to use it properly it's possible to use to great effect to get troops where you want them quickly.

And ships are usefull!
Crusiers and Destroyers can cream aircraft and destroyers and subs are also effective at underwater vehicals.

The large 'experimantal' weapons are amusing as well, although I haven't used them too much as yet (the most I did was the battle before I posted earlier where I got some builders onto the other guys side of some water and had them slowly build me 4 of the weapons platforms type things at which point I slowly rolled them into his base [grin]

Basically, the video and TA tell the story, it really is that much fun to play... and I've recently been told the commandline arg for dual head support so in future I'll be able to have the tactical map on all the time, very handy when it comes to large scale battles [grin]
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