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The Googles... They Do Nothing!

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I've nearly gotten my triangulation code ported. It's been fun ripping out unused variables, re-factoring five-hundred line functions and modifying everything to work off of dynamically sized zero-based arrays instead of fixed-size one-based arrays. I say fun. What I really mean is it made me want to claw my eyes out on multiple occasions. That sort of fun. Still, it's nearly over now and the rewritten version is actually readable. Mostly. On the plus side I got a nice shiny metal Total War keyring at work this week to distract me.

I've been going through a bit of a quiet patch on the mod front recently. Messing around with incomprehensible C code at work has left me less inclined to do the same in my free time. The rest of the team has been getting on well though. A recent recruitment drive has attracted some talented new mappers to the project. I look forward to seeing what they all come up with.

Finally, work on the Language Shootout continues. I've submitted a number of new programs for various benchmarks. I currently have five programs pending and am about to submit a sixth. Hopefully I'll be able to update the table next week with a lot more green! Hopefully I'll also be able to celebrate a thousand journal views. Maybe I'll try to think up something interesting to talk about next week...

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