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Basic editor

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So, as promised, here is my first effort with C#:

Nothing outstanding, but I now have a (mostly) functional editor to build maps with. The maps are restricted in size to 8x8, 12x12, and 16x16. That's something that'll change in the future, but it's fine for now. The major awfulness is in the tile selection window; Those tiles are hard coded (yuk), so my next job is getting the tiles in there are run-time. I've figure out how to do that now, but I wanted to get something visible in there to start with. Now that it works, it's time to make amends to the gods of GUI.

IMPORTANT NEWS! Yes, the Xpert Eleven season has finally come to a close, with Evelyn winning the cup. Congrats Eve! Sweet Hack took a bit of a beating this season although we managed to hold our own a few times. If anyone is interesting in playing we could really do with a few more players. Drop a note to Klish (our league ID is 47992).

MORE IMPORTANT NEWS! The All Blacks beat England 41-20!!! It's a nice margin to win by, but there's still plenty for the ABs to work on before they face France in six days time. The main difference between England and the ABs was Daniel Carter, who racked up 26 of the 41 points, but the team are going to have to sort out some of the wrinkles in their game if they hope to beat the 6-nations champs.

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Cheers! I think you're right. I did a lot of browsing and only found one or two sites that I found useful. Mostly though I've been going to MSDN.

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