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weekend over. byebye weekend

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My insurance check for my car (which was totaled a month ago on Tuesday) finally arrived, paying me a cool $3,213.33. I still can't believe they valued my car at only $100 less than what I initially paid for it. Hells yea! So now I have to go to the bank tomorrow to see about my approval for my $20k auto loan so I can start looking for the new Tibby. Boo yah.

In other news, Salsa's thread in the Lounge inspired me to create one of my own for video production. Check it out if you feel you may need some services in that area.

So yea one of the girls who came to the gym today for Sunday Open Workout broke her wrist doing a back handspring on the tumble track. She didn't even scream or anything she just went "oh my gooodddd!!" and lay down and started crying and moaning. Tough kid. I called EMS while some other parents there contacted her parents for me. EMS put her in a sling and carted her off to the hospital. I had to fill out paperwork. I hate paperwork. Damn kids hurting themselves. Who do they think they are??

Yea j/k. Hope she makes a speedy recovery.

Okay I guess that's it for me. Hrmmm maybe with some of this "free time" I've had lately I should straighten up this room of mine... yeaaa this trash bag that's been sitting here for over a week could prob go out... 'scuse me...
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