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I do not like the PS3 commercials!

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Ok, lots of progress. First off, I've implemented a level select screen:

Since I figure that I won't have level transistions done by the next demo, I put a way for people to play both levels.

I got quite a bit of work done on level 2:

The level is coming along nicely. I think I could get it done tomorrow, meaning I could release a demo on tuesday.

Ok, I wanted to take opinions on something. As a platformer, Blocky Man needs some sort of animation upon completing the level. For instance, Mario jumps on the flag pole, Sonic breaks the container, Megaman grabs the boss's weapon, etc. I have some ideas for ending animations in Blocky Man, and I wanted to see which one you all think would be the best. Here are my ideas:

1. Blocky Man jumps in a Blocky Rocket ship, salutes, and blasts off the screen.

2. Blocky Man breaks a jail containing Blocky POWs.

3. Blocky Man is "beamed up" by a space ship.

4. If you think my ideas suck, tell me yours.

Which one should I use?


This is totally unrelated, but I want to state for the record that I really dispise the commercials for the Playstation 3. You know...with the baby...and the floating PS3...sometimes a rubik cube.

Now Gears of War, there's a cool commercial.
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Great progress; I'm looking forward the elusive next demo! I particularly like the level design for these stages. (I was sort of adverse to the wide-open long-fairly-flat-plane approach Stompy's Revenge used.)

As for the ending, the first one sounds good, if you can get all of the animations for it done. Heck, even a stationary teleporter with a cool particle/fade effect would do it for me. But the freeing POWs one smells a little too Sonic-y for my tastes. :)

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Yeah, the first idea seems to make the most sense considering the plot. Plus it would look really, really nice if I could get the animation working correctly. The third would be quite a bit easier to make, though.

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I was thinking the same thing when I came up with the rocket ship idea. If I'm in a cave level, how will a rocket ship take off? However, I was also thinking that the rocket ship could break the ceiling above in that case.

Level 3 will probably need its own animation, because it takes place inside a space pirate ship(oops, I gave it away).

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