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Life Goes On

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I decided to try installing Ubuntu (my first shot at Linux) on my mostly defunct laptop (I spilled a drink on it destroying its keyboard functionality, so I have to use a USB keyboard with it). Getting the wireless network card to work with Linux has been loads of fun, no wonder so many people are making the switch.

But really, besides the frustrations with that I'm mostly optimistic for the future, and, should this test go well I think I'll be upgrading my desktop from windows 2000 to a vista/ubuntu or some other distro dual boot. If anyone has a recomendation for another interesting one please feel free to comment. My dad uses Suse, but after their whole sell-out to Microsoft I'm pretty sure I want to stay away from that.

Nanowrimo oriented, I pretty much gave up out of boredom with my story at the beginning of the weekend. The problem was I was trying to write a religiously-oriented (christianity) satire without any religious-background. I realized much of my humor was more mindless-drivel than actual useful commentary, and I couldn't churn out half-credible information on a rapid pace needed for nano. Also, I have so much to do in the beginning of senior year that it's really just poorly timed all around. I'll probably still write more in it and get to around 10k, but I've given up on 50k.

What this does mean is I can get back to programming, which is a good thing, because just having started so recently I don't want to lose my edge. And I think I can produce some good stuff before any of my interviews, which will be a lot more pertinent to the places and major (CS) I am applying to than nano.

Hopefully when next year rolls around I will find myself with slightly more free time and a much more nonsensical topic to write about.
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Hah, I'm also in the process of taking Ubuntu for a whirl as my foray into Linux. However I'm still at the earlier step of finding someone with a CD burner to burn me a copy.

And, of course, it's always wonderful to hear that someone is getting back into programming once again. :)

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Ubuntu is quite excellent -- I recommend it to one and all.

SuSE is also quite excellent -- I assure you that their "sell out" to Microsoft is no big deal.

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