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Compo extension-ified!

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Please sir, can I have some more? MOOOOOORE!?

I talked to splattergnome today about our little 9-Day Competition, and it turns out he's more or less in the same boat as me: not enough time to finish his game to a satisfactory amount. While I'm very pleased with my progress on Gone Micro, I overgauged the development time, and I really don't want to skirt around features to make it fit the original timeframe.

Long story short, we've decided to extend the contest to Sunday at midnight (again). I'm really busy at the start of this week, so I'm grateful for the extra time.

How much AI do you need to code for a unicellular bacterium?

Gah, far too much! [smile]

My plan is to have several 'types' or 'species' of bacteria, each with its own colour range, mass (read: radius) range, and a set of tendencies towards certain activities. The activities an enemy can enagage in are:

  • Idle
  • Attacking the cell walls (read: level bitmap)
  • Chasing the player
  • Fleeing from the player
  • Firing projectiles at the player

Each bacteria species also has a rate at which it can eat the level at -- which, if you recall, is the enemy's goal; yours being to stop them -- and a rate at which they perform binary reproduction and split into two. This way even the idle enemies can be dangerous.

Allow me to hurl a screenshot at you, then describe today's progress:

(Hard to tell here, but these guys are viciously charging the player!)

Today was basically the "get as much enemy-related work done as possible" day. First I tackled the rest of the physics:

  • Enemies are now 'pushed-back' based on how powerful the weapon you used on them is
  • Enemies now collide with the level, bouncing off walls and edges with proper reaction physics (and jiggling abroad)
  • Fixed a few not-note-worthy bugs related to the enemies (involving mass-level-digestion, getting stuck on screen edges, and a culling issue)
  • Some nice particle effects on the level as the enemies chomp their way through it

On a side note for the last item, it's particularly neat to watch several bacteria group together at one wall edge and use their collective digestion powers to gnaw through the wall at a rather alarming rate. Since enemy death isn't implemented yet, I spent most of my time running away and trying to hide from the enemies, which proved to be a fun minigame in itself. (Hmm, maybe I'll have to add a Survival mode, a la Ravuya's "Glow" [smile])

I did say tentative!

Still no good ideas for the final name of the originally tentative title, "Gone Micro". I'm wide open for suggestions, so toss any you have my way. All I could conjure was "The Micro Avenger", and that's just plain not cool. Neither is "Micro Management". :P
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How about a play off of the Fantastic Voyage? Throw that puppy into a thesaurus and let the great names flow!

I still want to see a video of those cells in motion though.....[wink]

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Guest Anonymous Poster


Still looks awesome! Can't wait to see the finished product!

And as for names, all I could come up with was "Hungry Hungry Microbes", but it doesn't ring as well as I had hoped :(

Some fun words that would sound cool in a name:
- Microbe
- contamination
- pathogen
- barrage
- intrusion
- onslaught
- outbreak
- distress

I'm sure you'll come up with something :)


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