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My boys.....

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Sir Sapo


Hey everyone!

So today was dedicated to getting the plane AI a bit smarter, and able to fend for itself without too much player intervention.

In Angels 22, you have a wingman (we call him Carl), who will accompany you on most missions. You have a limited degree of control over Carl, as you can give him "orders", such as "Form Up", "Attack My Target", etc. This is a pretty cool little system, as once you give Carl his "orders" he requires no extra supervision, as the AI will figure out the best way to complete the order given to it. Anyways, today I was pitting Carl against our best units, and he just wasn't able to handle very well, so I decided to give him a "friend" to help with the tougher enemies like the Kremlin Laser. Well, after seeing the two working together, I couldn't help but put 15 AI planes in the level, and fly the mission with them. It was pretty awesome looking, and I took a couple of screens along the way, as you can see below.

"The Squadron" and I raping a ship...

They keep going even after you die, as the lack of a command unit turns on their ability to decide what their orders are on their own...

This screeny shows the aftermath of "The Squadron's" attempt to kill the hidden flak(see my last post). As you can see, they're not too concerned with collateral damage....

I'm gathering video clips for a video, so look for another one of those to come up soon, and I'll talk to you guys later! Peace Out!
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I'm gathering video clips for a video, so look for another one of those to come up soon, and I'll talk to you guys later! Peace Out!

Perhaps not interactive, but real-time enough, for now. ^_^

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This is the sort of thing I would probably do, and than watch for an hour. I would put on as many AI planes as possible, and just watch.

Very impressive stuff concerning the AI. The last screenshot made me laugh. Last time I played a demo of this game, I couldn't resist the urge to launch a violent bombing raid on the various civilian buildings. Maybe next time I can bring buddies to help bomb the town[lol]

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Hey, it's been a while since I've checked your journal. Man, it's looking great! This belonged a few posts back, but I wanted to post it here so you'd see it. I had an idea for the water. It would be great to try a translucency effect for the water. Something like this. As it is now, I think the water looks odd because you have a 2D view yet for some reason the player can't see under the water like they should. In fact, I'd even omit the "sparklies" idea because it doesn't mesh with the rest of the view. It makes the water look too 3D. However, the translucency so you can see underwater just makes the whole thing come together IMO. I think you should consider it.

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Wow, really awesome looking! I imagine you could have some really fun "vengefull rage" levels where you and your buddies take out your wrath against the local commies (possibly right after that killing of your sidekick sequence you guys had posted).

Something I reckon would be really cool is having a few levels of competance for wingmen and being able to choose which one you want. For example, it'd be cool to be able to choose a wingman that's better at ground-attack, load him up with bombs and command him to go for ground units. Then handle the air stuff yourself. Sounds like a lot of work though [grin]

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