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So, I woke up to the internet being out today. So, I decided to work on Quill for a little, while I was waiting for it to come back on (it goes out quite often; 2-3 times a day -_- .) Anyway, after a couple hours of hair-pulling I decided to get on AIM to talk with Raymond about possibly using a different solution for the nodes, and to my dismay the internet was still out. So, I go down stairs and to find out that my parents still haven't called the cable company (btw, the TV was out too, so they knew the whole time.) Some crap about "there's probably nobody in the office" which is probably the lamest excuse a lazy person has ever given me.

Anyway, I called my aunt and uncle (they work for the company) and they had cable so nobody was aware that anybody was without cable. They didn't actually say anything about fixing it, so I assumed that it wouldn't be done until later today, but it came back on about two hours ago (actually it's been flickering on and off for a little while, but it's remained on for the last two hours.)

Instead of sitting around doing nothing, I decided to spend the whole day doing things that I would have done over the week. This way there will be less interruptions and I can (hopefully) finish Quill by Friday.

So, I didn't get anywhere with Quill today, but in the last 20 or so minutes I did implement foreground and background scrolling textures which adds a lot to the game (rather than the lame single color background.) Anyway, here are two screenshots and a movie. The fog is in the foreground (above the tiles) while the clouds & darkness are in the background (behind the tiles.) At the moment both scroll at the same speed, but I'll fix that when I get a chance.

Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

Movie (6mb; zipped; wmv)

(Questions, comments, and suggestions are always welcome.)

Looking through some of my old MalykAI code I noticed the cause of one of the problems I was having. I was wondering why I had to use such huge numbers to move (my speed, which was what the player's velocity was increased by, was set to 1024 and pretty much anything lower was crappy.) And, I noticed a little bit of an issue; I was increasing the velocity by speed * time-scale and then moving by position + (velocity * time-scale), which I'm pretty sure was one of the big problems.

Oh yea, I just took a second to modify the old MalykAI project and it works 100x better now (and actually works like it's supposed to.) It's a little touchier now, but that could be tweaked out. This makes me happy as I was thinking I wasn't going to be able to get it working decently. The timing is still messed up (as it still spazzes out with vsync off), but it works much better than before (turning vsync off before pretty much made it uncontrollable.)

Anyway, I'm off to bed so I can get some crap done before Raymond gets out of work.
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Original post by Rob Loach
I like the Mario tile.

Dude come on, you like the ugly animated Mario block, but you don't even mention my beautiful AWESOME tree? [sad]

Oh, I forgot that the movie will show the animated tile in action.

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