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Back in town

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Trapper Zoid


Random Thought for the Day
November the 7th is race day; although here in Australia we're racing horses instead of politicians. Hope you back a winner regardless.

Brief update: I'm back from Melbourne today, so I'm ready to get back into things. I spent a bit of time planning out the architecture for the graphics component of my 2D engine, so I hope I'll be able to get that solid in a few days.

I'm also a bit behind on the freehand drawing workshop, so I'll see if I can scribble down a few more exercises this week.

In other news, the GameDev Xpert Eleven season is over again. Congrats to Eve and her Fembot Furies for winning. My team (the Lamington Lemmings) didn't play a very good season this time round and we finished fourth, but hopefully we'll play better next time. We're looking for more players, so if you want to spend a few minutes each week playing fantasy football there's a helpful thread in the Lounge with the details. I recommend it!

I also idly ordered another crate full of budget and half price PC games from an online retailer, similar to what I did roughly the same time last year, so that should fill most of my PC gaming needs well into 2007. While I like the convienience of console games, the PC is good for being able to pick up ten slightly old games for the price of a couple of full price new ones. Even if most of them are crap there's bound to be at least three good games in there, I hope.

My brother also confirmed that he's preordered the Wii, so I'll have someone whose judgement I trust to review whether it's a good buy. He's also a leftie like me, so I can get an opinion on whether that will be an issue, plus I'll get a chance to try it out for myself when I head back over Christmas (I've waiting this long; I can wait until the New Year before buying a new console).

Speaking of my brother: he's put a few of the videos he's made up on YouTube. He's only put a couple up so far but I've been meaning to put a few links to them for a while. Also given I know he skims through my journal I'll also take this opportunity to say hi (even though I did say hi in person this morning).

The links:
">Confused Teaser (watch YouTube movie)
">The Bear (watch YouTube movie)

Will post more game development related stuff once I get back to work on "Ice Slider" this week.
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