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Random thoughts.

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Cooking is much more enjoyable when you're actually cooking, and not just making something. I present to you my first creation (pretty tastey too):

1 large tablespoon butter (or substitute)
3 large eggs
1 teaspoon of (the bottle on the left)

medium heat, coat pan with butter;
once melted:
sprinkle in salt, toss in sauce, add 3 eggs;
scramble until cooked.

Slightly hot by my standards, so maybe akin to grocery store chili.

A good reminder against being picky, and why people who won't "settle" are morons: link

I was watching Heroes tonight (a fine show, though blatantly stolen from the 4400, a much better show), and I happened to catch it at a commercial during MNF halftime... In succession were commercials by the two Minnesota gubernatorial candidates. Both had on highly unworn starched flannel shirts. I'm not sure what makes me the saddest, the fact that the majority of this state identify with flannel shirts, the fact that the staffers wouldn't let the governors wear their own, or the fact that they think that the majority of the flannel identifying voting populace will be impressed by a starched shirt...

No wonder you guys get made fun of everywhere else in the nation (oh and the Fargo accent? not that prevalent, but every 6th person or so is an "oh you betcha!" sort. I chuckle inside every time)

As for FFXII, I'm about 30 playing hours in and kinda feh with it. The story slowed down a little, the fights got more (unreasonably) difficult, the quests a bit more contrived, the maps a bit more formulaic, the gear super homogeneous...
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