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Soooo do I have a heading?

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I have decided to continue working on Extra Terrestrial Invasion, which I hope to have finished by christmas.

What I've been working on
I can't keep myself. I have to make a journal update with more than just text, so here goes my first project-oriented post in a long time.

Yes, believe it or not, blending wasn't implemented before today. However there are a few bugs:

This shows a very irritating bug which involves an "alpha" layer being laid on the whole ship image. I've moved to PNG and SDL_image, so I used the GIMP to make some alpha channels, but it doesn't seem to work. [sad]

This shows a more right way. As you can see the blending only occurs on where I want it(around the ship) It also shows the newly implemented bullet system(deaths will soon be implemented, however I have a hard time doing animation and FPS limiting/timing).

So I have two more weeks before I go back to my mum. But right now I have to go to sleep. Tell me what you guys think, especialy what you think that blending problem is. (I'm currently using

Thanks alot, see you guys later with a hopefully better update. [smile]
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Are you still having the problem with blending in the first screenshot?

If so, I had a similar problem. It turned out that the *.png is stored as ARGB, not RGBA (or vice versa, can't remember). After knowing this I just had to change a few things when loading the texture. I don't have the souce handy, but PM me if you need it and I'll send it your way later today.

Also, when I use *.png with the alpha channel, I typcially set up the blending like:


Unfortunately I am no expert on OpenGL, but it works for me.

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Thanks alot guys it really means alot to me [smile].

And thanks for the tip, shadowcomplex. I'll test it once I get this damn sound stuff to compile -_-

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