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Getting there slowly

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Making some pretty good progress on the map editor. List views aren't as bad as I expected really, although I've not tried multiple columns yet. They take a bit of getting used to and I had lots of fun forgetting to set the stateMask of the LVITEM before trying to identify the selected item, but that's another story.

You can now click items onto the map, move them with a combination of the mouse and shift key and double click items either in the list or on the map to open a property panel.

I'm currently at work on the property panel. I've decided to just draw a grid like the panel in my Builder app, then move a borderless edit control over the field being edited. I'm pretty sure that's how Builder's TStringGrid implements it.

It is all going fine so far. One thing I can't figure out at the moment is how to intercept keystrokes to an edit control, but I haven't really tried yet. I had a scan of the PSDK docs last night and I can't find any notification messages that edit controls send the parent on a key press. Does anyone reading this know much about this?

If I can't figure it out after a reasonable amount of trying I'll ask on the forums and get twenty answers within about ten seconds I expect. I'm actually finding quite frequently that when the PSDK and MSDN fail me, I type my question into Google and the top three hits in response are all here in the forums on Gamedev anyway.
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More seriously, RE you previous entry, I found Windows Forms with C# very easy to get working. Given how quickly you've roared through the windows API, I'm sure you'll have C# mastered in a couple of days ;-)

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Although they are pretty much identical to the screenshots below for the Builder version.

I'll learn C# one day but I'm actually really enjoying learning Win32 API now. I've found that as long as I have the docs constantly open on my taskbar, drink lots of coffee and occasionally stop and beat my head against the monitor for five minutes, it is not too bad.

I'm very proud to announce that this project is by far the Ultimatley Worst Structured Program ever written by man or beast. Out of curiosity, I copy pasted my main program file into MS Word last night and in Times New Roman at 12pt font, it is currently at 36 pages! [grin]

Do I win some kind of award?

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