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More parallax

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My parallax test is pretty much done now - I refactored a bunch of code and then did a really simple platformer using it to see how it'd feel. Nothing too fancy, just running and jumping between the platforms, but it does show how the parallax would work when you're actually running around it, rather than just manually moving the character.

Again, a screenshot isn't ideal, but you can see how the platforms below have a 3d feel, and appear to have a surface that you're looking down on. Although you can't see it in that shot, looking up at platforms above you lets you see the underside and the green leaves protruding from within rather than just stuck on the bottom. (Tails is actually in the center of the screen, but I've cropped off large amounts of empty blue, which is why the platform he's standing on is flat to the camera).

If I get time I think I'll knock up a simple game with it and see what people's impression is when it's moving. [grin]
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That is a really nice effect!

The difference between the highest and lowest platforms is easily noticeable, despite the static image.

Your concern about the flat sprite is well grounded. Although it still looks pretty good in this image, I can imagine where it will look very awkward in some settings.

Great work though, really interesting.

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