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One of the downside about any degree is the wee buggers tend to make you do work, apprently just turning up for a couple of days a week and pretending to work isn't enough for them... bah!

Now, apart from the subjects I don't like I don't have a problem with them personally, the programming ones in perticular.

However, I've hit a kinda 'snag' with the one I'm working on right now as two of the important parts of the assignment are;

1) To provide references
2) impliment more algos to solve the problem above and beyond the ones you've been given

Now, 2 really isn't a problem as such, we are given two and we have to do a few more to get higher marks and I've got a few ideas. However my first idea was 'hang on, these initial algos. are pretty parallisable..' a few mins with OpenMP later and tada! a multi-threaded version of the algos in question.

Of course, this brings up a question; do I now have 2 algos or 4?
The addition of OpenMP to multi-thread it was pretty much 'add four pragmas and the related blocks'. No code rehashing or anything like that took place, however I would argue that I still had to think about it and they have different performance charactristics as such they should count as 4, not two...

The references bit has me stumpped.
I've no idea at all which literature to look at for this problem.

The basic idea is you have a number of meals which make up 3 courses. You have N people who express a preference for a meal. Using these preferences allocate the meals to each person. There will not always be enough meals to cover everyone's first preference.

Now, I can solve this in varying ways, no problem (indeed I've got two methods using weighting and a kinda backtracking system in an attempt to make it fairer allocation wise) but what problem domain is this? What the heck do you research which can be applicable to it? I honestly have no idea.

I've emailed the lecturer about these little issues of mine, I kinda hope he gets back to me reasonably quickly as we have to hand it in on monday, I'm not home sunday and I was hoping to make it to someone's b'day drinks friday night (although part of me is kinda glad I might not be able to make it...)... so I'm kinda down to maybe 48h of work time, at the most, before this has to be handed in for 10am monday...

One day I'll learn not to leave things so late [grin]
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