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If you have a gamertag, I want it.
Mines ShoeStringGames. Its nice having my own place again, I finially get the ability to play XBL. If you want to get your ass kicked in Halo, your done. Also got me some Gears of War.

Stompy, get XBL so I can play ya in GOW!

Programmer16, what games do you play on XBL? Your gamerscore is higher then mine too, dick. I got more achievements then you in Oblivion though, and you still cant date my character.

Anyone, who else has XBL? Actuially who else has a 360?

Personally I want the damn wii, that thing is going to take over my life.
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I have XBL, but it's currently not hooked up because the basement is under renovation. I should get my Live hooked up again in december.

But my gamertag is RAZGRIZERO.

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At the moment I'm not playing any games on XBL. I was playing Halo 2, but I have to return it. Other than that I have Battlefield:MC, but I don't have enough experience and my disc is royally fucked.

Btw, the only reason I have a higher score is because I rushed to beat Oblivion before I had to return it and you get 150 points for like the last 3 main quest achievements. I'll be picking up a few 360 games soon though, just have to decided which ones and wait for the paycheck. Also, see if I ever let you date one of my characters [razz].

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When I get a 360, we'll have to figure out some sort of GDNet group arrangement. Can you have groups on Xbox Live?

Anyway, YouTube still hasn't posted your other videos yet. [crying]

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