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Back again...

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Phew... I finally decided to come back here and pay another year of premium membership. Not specially because of the developer journal, but to support gamedev.net. I literally pass by 10 times per day to check out the news (which are quite slow), articles (not much coming along these times) and the forums (which are great).

On a personal matter I must admit that I'm really tired. I'm a freelance developer and I'm on more than one project. One of those projects is "Sacred 2" by Studio II/Ascaron. I'm doing the NPC ai programming. Another project is a client-server solution for Ford Motor Company (Germany).

BTW I'm currently doing my CCNA (Cisco certified network administrator) which is a 2 year evening school event with tests every week and an exams for each CCNA module. This doesn't leave me very much time for my other projects because, having 2 kids, I've some family matters going on ;)

Nevertheless, I'm still working on my own game engine and some game prototypes.

Have fun...
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I'm doing my CCNA at the moment as well, how're you finding it so far?

I don't know that I'll put it to any use in terms of employment, but it's certainly a worthwhile course simply in terms of learning a lot of interesting stuff; although there sure is a lot of tedious memorisation of numbers jammed in there as well.

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