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Game Not Dead Yet

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Unfortunatly I under-estimated the effort of developing a full fledged game on my own. It is taking far longer than I expected. At first I was thinking of a One year Time frame that would've had a beta out by the Summer of 2006 and the release by Xmas 2006. Not going to happen. I am now looking at a Two, maybe even Three year time frame.

On that note, as I was driving to work this morning, I was thinking of passing a full scene blur and testing the performance of that on my X1600 card from ATI.

I have redeveloped my UI. CEGUI is unstable to put it in a nice way, and I can't find another library so I spent some time tweaking my own. It works.

Some more screen shots comming up this weekend.

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Don't lose hope! It takes a lot of effort to see a project through as far as you appear to have.

If you really want to stick to a one year timeframe (or maybe 1 more year by now) then you could consider cutting back on the initial scope of your project.

I dont mean abandon all of your more grandiose ideas I just implement the smaller and more reachable elements first. I've recently gone from working on large team, 18 month, multi-platform games to a much smaller start-up company where we do some outsourcing. Currently we're doing mini-games and the turn around on these is phenomenal. It's completely different because you see the results of your work, an entire mini-game, in just under 2 weeks. That's design, code, artwork and play balancing.

My point is that it can be good to see the results of picking off the easy things on your list from time to time to prevent yourself getting disheartened.

Good luck with the project, it looks really good.


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