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Doo doo.

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I've spent some time working on my game, so there's some good stuff coming out. Improvements to my vector and matrix class and some other stuff for dealing with the complexity of 3D.

It's a real head trip moving from 2D to 3D; if Hopedagger weren't on my case about not making any more top-down games, I'd just say "fuck it" by now. But it does look really impressive sometimes, and I get to work on all kinds of high tech intertrons. A very frustrating day yesterday nonetheless.

For some reason my FBO is eating the depth buffer, so stuff no longer properly draws. I'll have to figure out how to add the depth buffer to my FBO so stuff renders accurately again, but for now I've disabled the FBO and it still looks very attractive.

I'll also need to work on a way to have simple lighting and fogging when the shaders are on. Next up is working on some sort of star background skybox/skydome/skysphere (perhaps sphere mapping can help), a materials system, and the base game code.

My goal for the end of the month is to be able to jump between systems. My goal for the end of the week is to have the basic game framework stubbed out, at least.
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I wasn't going to say anything about your quiver of top-view games. That's what close friends and enemies are for [grin]

Still, top-down games are really cool. Especially when you can put 3D features into 'em.

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For some reason my FBO is eating the depth buffer

Just a thought but I saw somthing about that you might need to look at Renderbuffers. I think you can bind these to frame buffers and also I think it lets you attach a depth buffer to them.

As i said just a though.

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Nah, I know what it is -- I've forgotten to tell my FBO it should create a depth map too.

I'll talk it over with phantom later today and see just how many pounds of drugs I'm on.

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It's often the project that we find the hardest to stay on the most rewarding in the end. [smile]

(That said, you'd better counter-hassle me if I try dropping any projects :P)

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You mean, other than the big one that was your life's passion and that you dropped because it was too difficult? [wink]

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