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Assignment 1 v 0 Phantom

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Programmers block.
I hate it and I'm suffering from it at the worse possible time, 4 days before an assignment hand in date [sad]

I've sat here for the past 10 days now and I just can't get this thing going.. I've managed to get a whole 2 or 3 hours out of my brain on the problem last night.. and that was after I slept for 10h the night before.. and it was about 12h after I woke up... and led to me not being able to sleep last night *sigh*

Things aren't looking good folks, I think I'm going to have to give in on this assignment, get pass or referral and try and fix it later because right now it just isn't happening and the more this goes on the more annoyed and frustrated I get.

It's not like the damned problem it that hard, I've got algos floating around my brain as normal but when I sit down to do it... nuffin.

I've tried fighting passed it.
I've tried stopping and eatting.
I've tried stopping and playing a game.
I've tried stopping and sleeping.
I've tried everything I can... nuffin is working nor has it for the past 2 weeks or so.

I've pretty much resigned myself to my fate in this regard, I'm just going to fix things up for a pass tonight and tomorrow so I've at least got something to hand in and then I'm going to go out and get very very drunk. Who knows, maybe a night relaxing in a pub with various people I don't really know will kick start my brain again.. then I'll have to see how I get on saturday and sunday... however sunday means pulling out of a family thing, but I'd much rather do that and give myself a chance to pull this from the fire... I'd leave it to the last minute but due to dinner cooking people need to know...

This sucks.
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I still laugh about the time I had programmers block and went out and got absolutely wasted at a student night. I don't remember getting home (friends told me it was around 4am) but I woke up with my computer still on (it had been off before I went out) and a solution to my coursework.

To this day I not only have no idea how long it took me to get the solution but I also haven't the slightest idea how said solution works. The code is quite possibly the most unreadable fugly mess I've ever seen.... [lol]

Drink through it.


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