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i herd yuo like mudkips?

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Okay, my asteroidish game is coming along. I've got about half of the bugs ironed out of the physics system. It's still returning bad results, but they aren't quite as bad as they were before. Apparently I was using a quadratic formula of " (-b +- sqrt(4*a*c) ) / 2 * c ". Obviously, this is not the way to true enlightenment. Buddha would be pissed.

I added a simple sound system, using pure Java Sound API mixing. Eventually I'll have options for selecting the desired audio mixer for systems with multiple mixers. For now I'm just taking whatever is the first mixer, which is not guaranteed to work on anything other than my machine (it's not that bad, it should at least be able to load the default Java software mixer). The sound system still needs work, but it's not a critical feature right now, just having it is enough for now.

Increased max resolution to 1152x864. Got my unit testing on. Added a name label to the planet. Abstracted a little more physics out of the rendering code. blah blah blah. Now that I've introduced sound I need to reinvestigate how to load resources out of a jar file (I had an epic fail on that last night, totally set up my system the bomb). Still lots of work to do.
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Mmm. Can't wait to try it.

I guess you support widescreen, then -- make with the 1440x900!!

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Damn Windows FTP utility, why does it have an option for ASCII transfer? It should all be binary by default. GYEAAAAHH.

edit: fixed now, and lucky lucky, you get an intro song when first starting the game now.

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